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75" Frame TV Discoloration QN75LS03

(Topic created on: 25-11-2023 10:59 AM)
AV Tech
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If anyone recognizes this issue and knows what it is please let me know would be much appreciated.  After sifting through the dumbest comments online I figured I'd throw up a hail mary.  I have never seen this on another TV.  I've seen weird things from bad LED strips or dying led strips.  This TV came out of a clients house after  1 month because of the same issue, it has been sitting in a box for a while now.  The TV has been factory reset at least 5 different times.  There is no external source ( when there is an external source it is exactly the same as through the smart hub).  Everything that can be turned off has been turned off.  These photos show white washing out the primary colors is this just backlight bleed through? 

I don't have photos of it but, during a pixel fixer the solid blues were almost black in some spots, the solid reds same thing but in somewhat different locations.  The greens were fine.  

I ran signals through a splitter concurrently. You can see the difference from the pioneer plasma and the Frame.  (The frame looks the same regardless of internal or external source, regardless of the splitter, if you unplug the other display it's all the same so please don't comment if you don't know what you're talking about.).   Is this just bleed through?  Could someone fix this with another filter between the panel and led strips?  




IMG_20231125_052719438~2.jpgGreen does not look like this to the naked eyeGreen does not look like this to the naked eyeIMG_20231125_053050520~2.jpgIMG_20231125_052835252~2.jpgFrameFrameFrameFramePioneer plasmaPioneer plasmaIMG_20231125_052332238_HDR.jpg