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7000 4k video not working

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I bought a UHD 4K 7000 series. I downloaded few 4k movies from internet extension with .mkv. In the site says .mkv format support the UHD 4k 7000 series TV. When I connected to USB as external drive, the movies which I was downloaded was not playing. It says the content cannot found. If it is 4k, why it is not runing when I plug it as a external USB drive?

Hi @rskwijeratne

Have you tried the files on another device such as your home computer to see if they run ok? To troubleshoot the issue please check out this link and scroll down to 'Notes' to find a list of stipulations while playing personal media on your TV:

Thank you for the information, Yes, I run the file on my computer and it is running fine. but the sounds not working even from my computer.

I used my external HDD to watch my 4k movie connecting to TV USB port and also converted to several other formats also. but not working at all.

is this model(MU50MU7000K) of TV supporting for 4k movies?

Do I need to configure before watching any 4K movies?



Do you have any 1080p MKV files you can test with your HDD, @rskwijeratne? Also, whats the RPM and USB type of your HDD? 

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