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65KS9500 New Firmware 1242 - Issues with firmware


The new update of Samsung KS series 7000--->9800!!!
Fw 1242 update completely destroys the game mode. Test it in game mode local dimming test in youtube. The black color is now gray. What the .... is this update?? Why destroy samsung Ks series??? I have UE65KS9505. This model in Usa UN65KS9800. This model is FALD local dimming one of the best black level on samsung model with 150 local dimming zones. This model was at that time the most expensive Samsung TV. Please help us who have this TV!! Samsung cannot do this to destroy thousands of dollars of TVs.
Test your KS series tv's to see the problem. Ks7000--->Ks9800.
Need to report to Samsung so we know about the problem and they fix it. Don't ruin our TV!


Agreed the ks series 2016 tvs are still very highly regarded and fantastic.

And now its ruined because of the brightness and backlight. Its ike its been done on purpose

Disgracefull in my opinion


That's right! The Ks series is very good and we hope to fix the spoiled problems as soon as possible! 


Don't think all those updates improves old models. It's just get worse, force you to buy  new model. Who's gonna buy a new TV if there's not much difference.


And do you think that's okay?

That is why we need to raise our voices and signal samsung to end this attitude because it will only lose the confidence of our customers!

Is it normal to ruin a high-end tv that was $ 4000-5000 2 years ago?

Signal everyone at samsung to gather ourselves and treat their customers fairly who voted for them to buy their products! REPORT REPORT REPORT !!! Take note of our opinions and requests and fix the bugs contained in the new software! Fix the problems because we know about them and don’t look stupid of us for doing anything with us! 


Two years ago Italian authority fined Samsung $5.7 million for slowing down old phones.

The independent investigation into Samsung’s update practices for various smartphones concluded some updates “caused serious dysfunctions and reduced performance significantly, thereby accelerating the process of replacing them.”

So it's business. All about making money. More advertising..give fancy technology names.. people will buy it. 


I know what this is all about and that’s exactly what i want to prevent! Anyway, there’s a difference between a 4-5 year old $ 500 phone and a $ 4000-5000 TV, but they shouldn’t ruin anything! It's a shame they want to take money out of our pockets! But most importantly, only we can stop this whole *****, because if they see that a lot of sheep don't even notice and don't mean then they will continue to do this to us !! Once again, I tell everyone who reads to report to Samsung not to ruin our usage articles for purely business reasons !! The Ks series to this day would be one of the best tvs if they weren’t fooled back from upgrade to upgrade !! REPORT !!


Do you know if there exists  a public link of Samsung on social media  to give more visibility to this deplorable behaviour from Samsung ? I mean.. we shouldn't only raise a report to customer center  because they're only ignoring them. 

Maybe on their official site in Fb  inviting owners and people planning to do a buy to know about with serious problem and invite to buy brands that doesn't act in this way. Also to involve customer protection organizations to get a proper investigation and force Samsung to act.


i agree with everyones comments its a disgrace this tv has been broken by this 1242 update.

Game mode quality has got worse.

The biggest issue i have is the backlight brightness has gone down by half now.

Nothing has got better with this update.

Im very upset as the ks7000/8000/9000 tvs are still very highly regarded among tv reviewers

Did you signal to samsung what problems are there? Everyone has to signal that the patch will be released as soon as possible!

I have no idea how to go about raising this with samsung does anyome know how to go about it?

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