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65KS9500 New Firmware 1242 - Issues with firmware


The new update of Samsung KS series 7000--->9800!!!
Fw 1242 update completely destroys the game mode. Test it in game mode local dimming test in youtube. The black color is now gray. What the .... is this update?? Why destroy samsung Ks series??? I have UE65KS9505. This model in Usa UN65KS9800. This model is FALD local dimming one of the best black level on samsung model with 150 local dimming zones. This model was at that time the most expensive Samsung TV. Please help us who have this TV!! Samsung cannot do this to destroy thousands of dollars of TVs.
Test your KS series tv's to see the problem. Ks7000--->Ks9800.
Need to report to Samsung so we know about the problem and they fix it. Don't ruin our TV!


Hi guys,


Ideally we'd like to keep conversations going. But I can see both rozel's and Gabor64's sides to this.


As another option, us Mods could separate out the two themes (what 1242 brings to the table; and issues with the 1242 firmware) into two separate threads, and move the relevant posts.


It's the less easy option as posts on the themes have become tangled up with one another, and will probably require some deleting in order to keep the conversation making sense/more amicable. But happy to do this if you guys feel this would be the best solution all round. 


Let us know. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

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Ok so my opinion on this..

So ive put on here before theres a serious problem with the ks series tvs especially after this update or past few updates...

Anyone who says the tv is ok or looks better clearly does not know much about picture degrading.

But also theres no point in arguments i think its pretty clear that most people here are unhappy and feel samsung has done this to make us upgrade what still is a fantastic tv


Hello!  How could we transfer issues dealing with errors to another post?


@AntS  What you are proposing is perfectly acceptable, thank you


Please post a link to the new thread about firmware problems


Hi guys,


Cheers! :smiling-face:


I've separated the two themes.


Please post in this thread for the issues/problems with the 1242 firmware.


And for those who are interested, the original thread by rozel asking for what the firmware brings to the table is here:

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Hy Everyone! 

So make this new thread clean for everyone that deals with bugs and fixes:



and this old thread:


Best regards! 


Any news? My KS9000 was to affected by the update 1242.




For now unfortunately nothing, signal as many as possible to Samsung to correct the bugs and restore the old condition.


I received 1242 a few days ago and it has caused serious problems. 1242 eliminates TV Picture mdoes down to two (Standard, Dynamic). I lose Movie Mode for example. The only way to get it back is to rest TV to factory. Then Movie Mode comes back? Plus I have to change all my settings again. I thought I was okay, but then it did it again and I had to reset all over again. I have now turned off updates but I have heard tha Samsung overrides and pushes updates anyway. I really like 1241 but 1242 is a disaster for me.

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