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65KS9500 New Firmware 1242 - Issues with firmware


The new update of Samsung KS series 7000--->9800!!!
Fw 1242 update completely destroys the game mode. Test it in game mode local dimming test in youtube. The black color is now gray. What the .... is this update?? Why destroy samsung Ks series??? I have UE65KS9505. This model in Usa UN65KS9800. This model is FALD local dimming one of the best black level on samsung model with 150 local dimming zones. This model was at that time the most expensive Samsung TV. Please help us who have this TV!! Samsung cannot do this to destroy thousands of dollars of TVs.
Test your KS series tv's to see the problem. Ks7000--->Ks9800.
Need to report to Samsung so we know about the problem and they fix it. Don't ruin our TV!


when the 1243 software becomes available we should check to see if these errors have been fixed. we hope to fix the problems as soon as possible.


I have same issue! 


i have the 49ks7000 tv  and also had it for around 2 years never had issuee with the tv untill this ***** update..

1. Tv is now broken backlight is no where near as bright as it was before.

2. Overall brightness of the tv has got worse i mean i now have to set my backlight on 20 to just get how it looked before on 10.

3. Game mode picture quality is now rubbish.

This is a disgrace and needs to be fixed


Everyone report bugs to samsung and refer to this post so they can see the problems! 

How do you report a bug?
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Dear sir, which one is the new version in tizen, 1241.5 or 1242


1242 is the newest, and backlight control is awful compared with previous 1241.5


Unfortunately yes. in the meantime, report to everyone to fix bugs as soon as possible that may not appear right away but are present in the 1242 software for everyone. in backlighting, the biggest problems are that black is no longer black because the algorithm has changed.

Report to not ruin the tvt from update to update!!


Where is this section to report this situation? I cant find it..

And honestly my ks7000 is actually terrible with this update

Interestingly, their interface does not work where software issues can be reported on their website. Try you to contact them by phone because it is a joke that no longer a problem can be reported. 

The more people need to come together to see how many of us we are. They seem to think we’re going to buy new TV for $ 3,000-4,000 every 2-3 years because they have the tendency to ruin it with software! 

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