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65KS9500 New Firmware 1242 - Issues with firmware


The new update of Samsung KS series 7000--->9800!!!
Fw 1242 update completely destroys the game mode. Test it in game mode local dimming test in youtube. The black color is now gray. What the .... is this update?? Why destroy samsung Ks series??? I have UE65KS9505. This model in Usa UN65KS9800. This model is FALD local dimming one of the best black level on samsung model with 150 local dimming zones. This model was at that time the most expensive Samsung TV. Please help us who have this TV!! Samsung cannot do this to destroy thousands of dollars of TVs.
Test your KS series tv's to see the problem. Ks7000--->Ks9800.
Need to report to Samsung so we know about the problem and they fix it. Don't ruin our TV!


Hi everyone. I am really very surprised with what is happening. Since the last update 1242 my Ks7000 tv has been converted to an IPS panel. Blacks are washed. YouTube, Netflix, SDR, HDR all content has gotten much worse, both colors and blacks are washed out. Image with fog and artifacts in the dark.


Perhaps less advanced and ignorant users do not realize it. The change is very significant. I did not expect this from Samsung. An update after so long does not seem to be a mistake, the degradation of the image quality seems to be done thoroughly. On top of that I can't go back to a previous firmware version. Samsung updates and forces you to have an update whether you like it or not. I have a Q80R in the living room with only 1 month, it means that in 4 years they will ruin the quality of this tv too? The KS7000 in my room looks really worse with this update. The panel is totally new because the previous one had light leaks. Its performance with the previous firmware version was excellent.


I won't do any updates again until I make sure they don't ruin the image quality. This only serves to lose confidence in this brand. I hope this is all a bug and will be fixed in the near future. Otherwise it would be unfortunate. Very to take into account in future purchases.


Thanks for listening.



Report the error to samsung! If a lot of people report this to them, they may be correcting these errors! It is very sad why they do this with a flawless television. Report Report Report!


I'm not going to challenge anyone or defend Samsung in anyway but I've not experienced any issues at all.  I would suggest though that the reduced bandwidths announced by YouTube and Netflix, during the Coronavirus pandemic may be a possible issue here.


This is not the problem. Software 1242 has an error. The algorithm does not handle the image properly. Samsung needs to examine where is the error in the algorithm. 


The firmware change was made just 2 days ago. So the bandwidth was low too. I have connected a hard drive. I have played content in 1080-4K, SDR-HDR. The image is somewhat more grayish and with artifacts. Rare effects with movement. The video player was frozen when playing the first movie. It was also frozen using the Sky app. It was never frozen with previous firmware. I am going to do a factory reset and disconnect it from the electrical network for 1 hour. Then I will do the tests again. If the problem persists I will inform Samsung.


Not true, issues started before the bandwidth change announced it in Canada. This is a algorithm issue. 


I have tested all picture settings at different brightness levels how does the backlight control work! The backlight is not working properly! From game mode to normal mode, the algorithm has changed and it doesn't work well.

They continuously reduce image quality!

We need to fix this issues!!! Irrespective of whether you have a mistake or are not present on your TV, they are just not striking so that you do not immediately notice a deterioration in quality

or replace the professionals who are doing this because they are not doing their job well!! We need fix!! 


Please everybody do not update to this.


Read this thread from the start


Do not update "just to test" because there is no way to downgrade.


Unfortunately, there is no way to install older firmware! We can only hope Samsung realizes that this attitude is not appropriate for users and fix all the bugs in Ks series. At the beginning of 2017, my TV UE65KS9500 cost as much as the latest 8K TV being advertised everywhere. Then in the next three years, these 8K models will be destroyed in the same way. This is a bad joke, a shameful attitude to our confidence!!! 

Hello I've the same model 55KS7000 as you , having exactly the same deteriorated image due to firmware 1242, I already sent a complain and raise a report but I don't think Samsung have the willing of help us in this. I think the same as user gabor94 , they are forceing to us to buy new tvs .. we should send a legal complain if we together recollect signs with the competent institution. Because the only response I got from Samsung was : you're our of guarantee , visit your service dealer .. They think we're stupids.
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