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65" Q95T update 2303 issues with Xbox Series X

(Topic created on: 30-08-2022 10:05 AM)


My tv updated to ver 2303 this evening and ever since, when choosing 4k 120hz on my Series X, the screen goes black and then pops up with the no signal message. I have also found that once it does this, it also affects the other 3 hdmi ports by giving the same no signal message, which worked perfectly fine until I try to enable 120hz on hdmi 4. The only way to remedy this is my holding the power button on the remote and resetting the tv, in which it turns the Series X back to 60hz and all hdmi ports work fine.

I contacted samsung support who in turn said to contact xbox having gone through the picture resets etc. I did this even though I know the xbox is fine, and was told by xbox support that everything is okay with my Series X.

Prior to the update there was absolutely no issues at all when using 4k 120hz in game mode on the Series X, so I'm going to assume it's a firmware problem but just wondered if I'm alone with this annoying issue.


I tried 24bit 30bit 36bit nothing please fix this problem


HDMI no signal

Unplug all hdmi ports, set your screen mode on standard, turn off the game mode and auto game mode, turn off your tv. Wait for a minute. Put the Xbox hdmi in port 4 and turn on the tv. Now you get a signal but it’s on standard tv mode. Go to the Xbox settings, switch off 4K, HDR and set your color dept from 36 bits to 30. The turn on the game mode on your tv. You should keep signal now in game mode, then turn on 4K and hdr. The problem should be solved. The only thing is, you have less color in the games. Don’t forget to complain to samsung so they fix it😜 good luck

First Poster

I have the same issue, but mainly with my TV settop box, which doesn't even have 10-bit option (only 4k of 1080p). Worked for 2 years, seems that since the last update tv behavior is strange. Once the problem occurs I need to unplug everything to get it working again. 

Happy to read that more users have some hdmi problems, I thought my TV was broken. hope a new FW can fix this again? I'm using a QLED 950TS 

once it happens all hdmi ports are affected and usually don't start, sometimes they do.. very frustrating.. 


So three years later, and my Q95T still has this issue. The only way to actually make sure it doesn't happen is to set the Xbox to 4K/60. Then you can have Game Mode on Auto on the TV and VRR and ALLM will still work. But, switching back to 4K/120 with or without Game Mode on and we go back to the same issue where you end up with the No Signal screen.

This appears to be a hardware issue rather than a software issue, which wouldn't actually be that much of a surprise given the 2020 QLEDs were some of the first sets with 4K / 120 chipset, and how many issues there were with other 4K / 120 devices on first launch (I also got a Denon X3700 on launch and the HDM1 2.1 was broken - but at least Denon, and other AVR manufacturers, acknowledged the issue and provided solutions, in the case of Denon they issued a standalone passthrough box which fixed the issue, and replaced the chips in later production runs).

So basically what I've got is a TV I paid £5000 for on launch date (I've got the 85") which has never actually worked properly for 4K/120 gaming and a problem which Samsung have refused to acknowledge or sort.