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55" QN95A Optimal settings.

(Topic created on: 29-07-2022 02:05 PM)
I recently purchased a fantastic samaung tv. The experience has been great, its a really good quality tv, image is great, and really love how much the image is smoothed out when watching older shows such as buffy, charmed. 
It's made me want to go back and watch every show I have recently watched just for the sheer quality difference from my old tv to my new tv. 

I also picked up gta 5 again and decided to give that a whirl. On putting my 6 month unused ps4 pro on the tv went into gaming mode and the brightness went up to max, which was a lot. I tweaked the settings and actually found the gaming mode really good with a much lower brightness.

I then tried my switch oled with the new xenoblades game and again gaming mode kicked in and boom max brightness kicked in. 
The same settings for the ps4 Pro didn't seem to work on the switch, soo I switched off gaming mode.

I'm now thinking there's a lot of bits and bobs and tweaking I need to do. Soo was hoping some saintly person from here could either give me some tips or point me in the direction of a good guide.

@MrJCharming: Assuming that your PS4 Pro and Switch are connected to different HDMI ports, please be advised that the Game Mode settings are unique to each external device, but will be saved after you've adjusted them manually. It's difficult to advise on optimal settings, as in my mind this comes down to personal preference, and can vary depending on the ambient light levels of your room while you're gaming. While you're in Game Mode, head to Settings > Picture > Expert Settings, and have a play around with the various options here until the picture seems right for you (although I do recommend setting Local Dimming to High). It's also worth checking the in-game Video settings for further customisation options. Make sure to make your adjustments while a game is open, and Game Mode has been displayed upon launch, as dashboard settings will not carry over. Happy gaming!