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55" Q70R dims picture too much in dark scenes and burns highlights

(Topic created on: 06-08-2020 03:56 PM)
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The TV dims the highlights very agressively (on SDR picture) especially in darker scenes or with a small logo or text on screen with black background. It doesn't just dim the backlight, but does other things to the picture aswell and this completely ruins and crushes the highlights. It makes all whites grey and some highlights even get "burned", meaning smooth highlight gradients of low->medium->high brightness get converted to a medium->low->high gradient so there is this darker artifact in the middle of the gradient. Opening the TV menu on pretty much turns the picture back to normal with bright highlights etc, goes back to ***** when I close the menu.


Couple of pictures to show the problems in the "highlights". I've read reviews stating the highlights are a little dim on the TV but that is a gross understatement and it's not just that. I have checked the videos on another display and they look normal. Can someone test on their QLED-set if its the same as mine?


First picture: shows golden 3D-text being transformed into a 2D-looking dull text, from

Second picture: yellow outlines appear to the white text on green background in addition to dimming of the white area and killing contrast from the logo, from

Third picture: dims the bright white M to the same level as the green background or even lower luminance, from

Fourth picture: dims the highlights and a dark halo/ring appears in the bright blue light in the middle of the picture,  from