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50" AU7102 UHD TV audio crackling

(Topic created on: 31-08-2021 09:32 AM)
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I purchased a brand new Samsung 50" AU7102 UHD television with a Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar. At first I watched movies on Netflix, external HDD and were playing on PS4 without any issue. Then I watched a Blu-ray movie on my PS4 and the audio was crackling every few minutes for a few seconds. It's similar when you remove the jack cable from a hi-fi, while the hi-fi is still on. 

The soundbar is connected to the TV with HDMI cable, I tried to remove and replug the cables, did nothing. Then I tried my old Sony Blu-ray player, same issue. I tried to connect the soundbar to the TV with optical cable, did nothing. Then I got tired, turned off the soundbar and TV speakers did the same crackling. Tried multiple Blu-ray discs, same.

The TV is updated to the latest firmware, the HDMI cables were working fine on my previous TV and besides the audio, the picture quality is perfect. I read the aerial cable could mess up the signal, but removing it did nothing.

As I mentioned it is only with Blu-ray discs, even the PS4 is working fine while gaming, until I decide to play a Blu-ray disc on it. I read some online solutions, but I found nothing that fixed this. I am thinking about buying some brand new cables, but I am not sure, since the result of that was mixed on the forums.

Did anyone experinced this? If so, how did you deal with this?