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49NU7100 TV affected by passing trains

(Topic created on: 16-01-2021 06:39 PM)
First Poster

Hi all,

I have had a 49" 7100 TV for about a year now. I have a Virgin Media V6 box connected to it. We have a train line (electric, overhead wires) at the bottom of our garden. Every time a train goes past, the signal to the TV is interrupted. Sometimes is is just a brief loss of video and audio (picture goes black). Other times, it can be several seconds and we get the white dots going round in circles which indicates that the TV is searching for a signal.

At first, I assumed that the problem was with the V6 box. However, I am no longer convinced that this is the case. If I'm watching TV, a train goes past and I loose video/audio, I can rewind live TV and re-watch it and there is the bit that I missed. This indicates to me that there is no issue with the signal coming from the V6 box.

Being an engineer, I have been through the process of eliminating various different variables one at a time. I've

made sure that I'm using a decent shielded HDMI cable. I've even brought my 2nd V6 box downstairs from the bedroom (used with an older Samsung TV and where I have no problem). I still get the problem with this 2nd box.

Has anyone else encountered problems caused by passing trains or have any idea as to what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.