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4 month old Samsung QAQ6D won't turn on after surge protector trip

(Topic created on: 29-07-2022 12:49 AM)
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Hi all.  My surge protector popped last night during a storm, shutting off the tv and cable, but we didn't lose power on the whole.  I replaced the surge protector, which was a Monster 3500jls strip with something similar. Replugged everything in and I can't turn the tv on.  The remote blinks red about 6 times and then stops.  Tried the unplug for 60 secs while holding the remote power button for 30 about 3 times and nothing.  Tried different plugs away from the new surge protector, cable box gets power, tv is still nada.  Tried the unplugging and holding the power button on the actual tv for 2 minutes then plugging back in, nada again.    Honestly really aggravated since this tv is barely 4 months old.    Any chance it's not entirely fried?

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Plug-in protector did exactly what its manufacturer said it would do.  It does not claim to protect from any typically destructive surge.  Worse, sometimes it can give a surge even more paths into electronics; bypassing what is superior protection already inside all electronics.

Holding down a power button, to discharge something, is a popular lie among the many who are electrically naive.  Nothing inside to discharge.  All discharging inside electronics is done in ae first second of power off.

Apparently electronics have been compromised and damaged.  Stop wasting time with urban myths.  If it does not power on directly from a wall receptacle, then it is damaged.

Appreciate who Monster is.  Monster once sold speaker wire with the ends marked 'speaker' and 'amplifier'.  Monster said reversing those connections would subvert sound.  Many then did just that.  And could hear distorted audio.  Scams are that easy.

Monster sold that $7 speaker wire for $70.  Scams are that profitable.

Monster has a long history of identifying scams.  Then selling a similar product for even higher prices.

You have zero reasons to believe that Monster did anything useful.  Since equivalent devices, call surge protectors, are just as useless.

Meanwhile, something called a surge protector would have averted all such damage.  But you did not have that.  You had a surge protector.  Confusing?  Of course.  I am doing what they do to con you.  Discussing subjectively.  Since you ignored all relevant numbers, then you bought something that did nothing useful (but enrich Monster).  And then (apparently) compromised what is superior protection (withstands more joules without damage) inside that Samsung.

Learn from damage that your mistake created.

Ignore those lies about holding down a power button to discharge something.  Nothing inside discharges.  That scam is also easily promoted.