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3 year old UE60KS7000 consistently turns off and will not come back on for 15 minutes - Technician unable to find fault!

(Topic created on: 14-08-2020 01:14 PM)
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I have a UE60KS7000 bought 3 years ago from Curry's.  It is a great TV and has worked fine until 6 weeks ago when it suddenly started turning off by itself.  This happens consistently but with no specific pattern.  Some days it will turn of a dozen times, sometimes it can go 2 to 3 days without turning off.   It stays off for around 15 minutes and will not switch on from the remote or directly using the button.  The button flashes read about once every second but does not give an error code.  A colleague repairs TV's for a living and has worked in that capacity for over 20 years.   He has a wealth of knowledge and is the TV repair guy for a number of local independent electrical retailers.   I took the TV off the wall and left it with him for a few days to diagnise the issue.  He has done every test he can think of, and has trawled the technical databases he uses as references and cannot find any reference to this specific fault for this specific model  He said a Samsung technician who he uses as a back up for advice on difficult faults, told him it might be the screen but could not be sure.    He said the only option is to contact my local Samsung center who will charge me just for looking at it and in all probability may still not be able to find the reason for the fault.   This TV cost over £1600 and I think I should reasonably expect it to last last more than 3 years.  I  am willing to pay a few hundred pounds to get it repaired, but I don't want to pay to have it looked at, only to be told it can not be fixed.   I tried contacting Samsung to ask if they are willing to contribute to the cost of diagnosis and repair but they just bounce me to the local Samsung repair center who want to charge me £60 just to come and look at the TV.  Do I chalk this down to bad luck and accept it, or can anyone recommend a course of action that will not result in a huge bill and no solution?