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2021 QN900 Voice on remote no longer working

(Topic created on: 16-06-2023 07:28 AM)
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Recently my voice button no longer does anything when I press on it to use it. In addition, when I go into Settings and click on Voice it says set up Voice Assistant and it used to show Bixby, Google, and Alexa, but now it just throws me back to the setup screen with no options. I've reset the remote and it hasn't fixed it. The weird part is it missing the Voice options in Settings which makes me think it's something else causing the problem. I've switched the mic on/off on the TV to make sure it was still on and it is. I recently started using the Samsung SmartHub charger and set that up but it was working with that. I did go into the SmartThings app recently and setup the remote to use on the TV from the phone in Smarthings and that seems to work but that's when the issues seemed to start happening on the TV. Any ideas?