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2021 Neo Qled Xbox series X flickering issues

(Topic created on: 22-05-2021 12:33 PM)
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Hi, Not sure if anyone can help but im at the end of the line here!


I have a 2021 neo qled tv and whilst the picture with Sky and subscription services is good, i have had nothing but issues with connecting the Xbox series X (one of the primary reasons i purchased instead of OLED) The bright colours fliciker constantly, sometimes it rectifies itself after repeatedly turning off and on the tv and swapping HDMIs but it always comes back. I have spoken with support twice who have done  a few things and also used remote access but none of it has resolved the issue. I have disabled every single feature bit by bit to try to understand the root of the problem. Altered the series x settings (resolution, VRR etc) but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have similar issues


I wonder if its a hardware problem, either way i need to either resolve or send back, it takes around 45-1 to try and sort everytime i want to game. Samsung are supposed to be partners of Xbox but i have plugged the series X into an older K series and an LG OLED without any issues. All the software is updated and fine.


Its nothing short of a disaster.


Thanks for any support

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check this thread out.  Friend spotted this for me and mirrors the issue I had.  Look on Page 2 at joerolcor's post...if you have a cable/satellite box on a different input and switch from it to your xbox, that might be what is triggering it.  At least it is for myself and joerolcor