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2020 QLED T models (Q80T, Q90T, Q800T, Q900T) HDR game mode brightness / local dimming bug


I bought a Q80T a couple of days ago and have noticed a really annoying issue when using the tv with the combination of HDR and game mode.


I'm fairly certain this is a software bug in the TV since I can reproduce this issue with 100% accuracy, and it happens on the dot at the same moment every time. It's basically on a timer.


Basically when the game is displaying a HDR signal and game mode is enabled, exactly after 6 minutes the brightness of the TV suddenly drops by around 20 (50 -> 30). The value of brightness setting doesn't actually change however. Messing with the brightness setting does not restore the brightness to it's original state, but changing the local dimming setting from standard to low and then back to standard does. Switching game mode off and then back on also fixes the issue, but then it happens again EXACTLY after 6 minutes (I've timed this with a stopwatch).


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or can someone maybe test this on their TV to see if you can reproduce it?


Exact repro steps on how I can reproduce this 100% of the time on the PS4 Pro:

  1. Set brightness to max (50)
  2. Set local dimming to standard (bug happens on high as well)
  3. Enable game mode
  4. Turn off game motion plus
  5. Turn off intelligent mode and all the brightness related settings in eco settings, as these can influence the brightness level of the tv.
  6. Launch a game that runs in HDR
  7. Start your stopwatch
  8. Do whatever you want in the game or you can also go back to PS4 menus, find a bright scene where you can notice a brightness drop easily
  9. When the stopwatch hits 6 minutes, you should see the TVs brightness suddenly drop by a large amount. By eye the brightness drop seems about equal to dropping the brightness from 50 -> 30 by hand.
  10. Go to picture settings and set local dimming to low (brightness does not change)
  11. Set local dimming back to standard (brightness suddenly jumps to the original level. Brightness can be restored by switching input away and back as well, or by disabling and re-enabling game mode)
  12. And again after EXACTLY 6 minutes the bug again repeats and the brightness drops down again

Some other notes: The PS4 has a screensaver that basically dims the screen if it is idle for a while. This is not the cause of this, this happens even when the console is in active use and the brightness can be restored temporarily by changing the local dimming setting like described above. I have not managed to reproduce this issue with game mode off, so it seems to be related to game mode.


Software version: 1304

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So *****! I to went for this due to the input lag for gaming. I find it so ***** annoying when the brightness jumps around mid game, or mid movie for that matter.
Agreed. The thing is, there is a simple fix. This is 100% a software issue that Samsung can fix with an update. If someone from Samsung could take some notice...

It won’t dim in Movie mode but it does it for Standard Mode and also Game Mode with Game Motion off. It’s clearly a software issue because it happens on both the Q80, Q90, and Q95T so far. I’d recommend just turning on game motion for now and dropping all settings to 0. Keep pushing them to send it up the ladder to Tier 2 and Tier 3 support.


Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo Samsung, come on down?!?!?! :winking-face:

I've only noticed in game mode yeah. I've messaged a Samsung guy from this forum, I've spoke to live chat too... hoping they chase it up! I'll try turning game motion on and hope that works as a temp fix. 22ms lag isn't awful at least but I spent £1599 on a TV and I expect better.

Agreed, no reason to not expect the best out of the flagship 4K. Get at them on twitter too if you have a handle. 

Good shout that buddy!
I notice it across everything, jumping to movie mode and game mode, HDR content, Sky, you name it! Poor form if you ask me.
Il raise it in chat and online.... Fingers crossed!
I'm even messaging the mods on here or anyone I think can get in touch with Samsung people!!
Thanks forcthe info. Ill rey It later. Dont like the game motion so ill put It at minimum
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