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2020 qled series and soundbars .. Fix earc samsung!!!!

(Topic created on: 06/12/20 11:51)

When using earc on external device, xbox series X to hdmi 4 Q90T , soundbar hw-q950T on hdmi 3 earc port  the sound is massively delayed by the television. I bought this set as a new step to next gen gaming and full theatre soundsupport.


With many other members who also have upgraded to next gen tv's and earc enabled devices , we all have a big delay in sound when you let it do it s own thing on auto settings . You cant fix this delay because samsung only offers to add more delay and you cant make the sound faster. Ive been ****** around for the last month just to make everything work normally. If i watch content trough television apps( netflix , prime , disney ) no issues on the sound. But when connected to a dolby atmos device en you leave earc auto fix things it goes really bad. So please samsung , bring out a fix for your support on dolby atmos or dolby content. From external devices ... the lag is just crazy.

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I have the same issue. eARC and sonos beam work great on my Sony X90CH, and a 6 year old sony also.  Never had an issue with Sony.  The one connect box that Samsung was using in 2016 is very problematic.  My Sonos beam worked well until the last firmware update, and now nothing. The same Beam when moved to the Sony's works great on eARC, when returned to this Samsung it recognizes it but no sound.. The sad thing is Samsung did away with this failing one connect box, but it is back for 2021! A deal breaker for sure!