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2019 QLED Ambient Mode update for 2018 QLED TVs

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I would like to know if Samsung plans to update its 2018 televisions with the new Ambient Mode designs available for 2019 QLED TVs.


There are some examples of new Ambient Mode designs:

Captura de pantalla 2019-03-19 a las 12.21.13.pngsamsung-dezeen-ambient-mode-competition-finalist-bird-clock_2364.jpgsamsung-dezeen-ambient-mode-competition-finalist-elements-for-living_2364.jpg

HI - I'm also interested in a response to this: will the "New Ambient Mode" promoted by Samsung be available as a firmware update to 2018 users? (I have just bought the Q9FN).

Thank you.

I'm also interested in the 2019 Ambient Mode for the 2018 models (Q9FN).

The current Ambient Mode is really disappointing...

No proper fullscreen images and poor color matching possibilities (only cool/warm slider instead of full RGB bars) for the background...

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Hi all,


I live chatted samsung.

they tell me-  "it is not possible for us to change or update the software version of it because it is how was the TV designed and it is the hardware compatibility of the TV."


so i'm afraid not.

Methinks that is more BS from Samsung CS.  Par for the course — I have never found anyone in Samsung CS who actually knew anything about Ambient Mode.


As shown in related threads, with more than a bit of kludging it is possible to display images FAR more complex that the new Ambient Mode images on a 2018 Q8.  E.g.:



 Ergo, there’s nothing in the hardware of 2018 Q8/Q9 that prevents them from displaying the more complex images used with “new” Ambient Mode.  I suspect that the truth is more mundane:  Samsung is going to leave Ambient Mode as crippleware/vaporware on older TV’s to try and drive sales of the new ones.  Again, that would be par for Samsung these days . . . .


Perhaps our moderator could ask Samsung to explain exactly what purported hardware limitations in 2018 Q8/Q9 supposedly precludes them from using new images.  While they are at it, maybe explain why Ambient Mode isn’t, as has been pretty clearly demonstrated, an utter fraud.


3-5 says we’ll continue to get deafening silence.

I'm with you LKB. I think is literally as simple as made the new ambient mode packages available for download in the interface.

It would be a shame that Samsung did not add the new designs. Their representatives have said more than once that Ambient Mode would receive updates, implying that all compatible TVs would receive them.


Sad that this happens.

Having rassled with Samsung for months unsuccessfully trying to get Ambient Mode (and other advertised features) of my 2018 Q8 to work as represented, from my experience I think it’s clear Samsung knows quite well that it falsely represents the capabilities of its products — and simply does not care, as long as it has your money.  


I’ve actually had Samsung CS admit that an accessory (special Samsung “disappearing” wall mount) that their website unambiguously stated would work with my particular 2018 Q8’s was never in fact compatible with that TV.  When I pointed out the compatibility statements on their own website, CS’s response (after a *long* hold) was “you’re right, our website does in fact say that, and the website is wrong.  Too bad for you.”  No refund or any other relief because I did not buy directly from Samsung.  And, remarkably, the inaccurate information remained up on the website for quite some time (finally taken down after I posted about it on their US boards).


So, expecting Samsung to do the right thing and honor the claims it has made for it’s products . . . IME, that’s a long wait for a bus that isn’t coming.

I have the new QLED SAMSUNG FRAME 2019 and i have the Art Mode, but when i see this, i don't understand why isn't is possible to have the Ambient Mode also, in the FRAME and the 2018 QLED's. The 2019 Ambient Mode is really cool, but don't supportet the FRAME or one year older QLED Devices. I hope Samsung make a update for us. PS: The Art Mode is ok, but in the new Ambient Mode you can also take own pictuere. But HEY i have a ART Store LOL
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