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2019 Frame TV Art Mode Mount issue


Hi all


Just bought a 2019 Frame TV and I'm after some help - I've uploaded a few photos from my mobile to use in art mode but, except for one, they all have no options for using the Modern mount, only the horrid Shadowbox mount! One of my photos does show this option but the rest don't, despite them all being from the same device. The one that works wasn't resized to 16:9 so squished the image, I resized it and now it doesn't show the option to use the Modern mount which is annoying. I've uploaded other 16:9 images and they don't show the option either. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance



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I have a 2020 65" Frame and the suggestions on here have been helpful. After much trial and error, including resizing the image to 3840×2160, and still having the shadowbox matte as the only option, I realized that I was having an issue with how I was getting the picture from my PC to the phone.


I was emailing the photo to myself and using my iPhone's native mail app to download the photo. In doing so, the mail app was downsizing the photo. Once I finally figured this out, I used Gmail and downloaded my photo using my Gmail email address and using the Gmail app --the Gmail app downloaded the photograph at its native resolution.


I then imported that file into the smart things app and all of the mat options were available to me.

Easiest way is to save the images onto a USB stick and plug it straight into the one connect box, no resizing at all and very quick and easy 

After much trial and error, I have figured out what I believe is the ideal method for iPhone and Mac Photos users to load their photos on their Samsung Frame TV.  Others have noted that photos on the Frame TV only look good if they are exactly 3840 x 2160 pixels and I can absolutely confirm this.  All you have to do is follow this ridiculously complex 22 step process and your photos will look amazing on your Frame TV!  Fortunately the process gets easier once you do it a couple of times.


Please note that while some parts of these instructions apply to other photo software, they are specifically for users of iPhone and Mac Photos:


  1. Enable iCloud Photo Sharing so that all photos are automatically shared between iPhone and Mac.
  2. Download the SmartThings app on your iPhone and connect to your Frame TV.
  3. Create a folder on your Mac called Photos for TV.
  4. Open the Photos app on your Mac.
  5. Create three albums: Original for TV, Add to TV, On TV.
  6. For each photo that you want to add to the TV, crop the photo to 16x9 exactly as you want it to appear on the TV.  Do not worry about how many pixels wide.  More or less than 3840 is fine at this step.
  7. Then for each photo, add it to the "Original for TV" album.
  8. When all photos to add are in the "Original for TV" album, select them all and choose Export -> Export Photos...
  9. Choose the Size "Custom" and then choose "Width" and then enter 3840.
  10. Click the Export button and save to the "Photos for TV" folder on your Mac.
  11. Go to Finder and open the "Photos for TV" folder.
  12. Choose the "Three vertical panes" view option in the Finder window.
  13. For each photo, look in the right pane and check the dimensions.  If the photo is 3840 x 2160 then it is good.  If it is less then you need to adjust the size in Preview.  Open the photo in Preview and choose "Adjust Size" from the Tools menu.  Fit into "Custom" pixels, make sure that both "Scale Proportionally" and "Resample" are checked, then enter 3840 in the Width box.  The Height box should automatically change to 2160.  Click OK, save the photo, and edit.  Now double check the dimensions in the right pane of the Finder and confirm it is 3840 x 2160.
  14. Once all photos in the "Photos for TV" folder are 3840 x 2160 then go back to the Photos app.
  15. Open the "Add to TV" album and choose Import.  Choose all of the photos from the "Photos for TV" folder and review for import.  Choose to import into the "Add to TV" album which should be the default selection and then import all photos.
  16. Make sure that the newly imported photos are uploaded to iCloud.  To do this, go to the Library -> Photos at the upper left and scroll down to the bottom and it should give you a status like "Updated Just Now."
  17. Now open the Photos app on your iPhone.  Ensure that your phone is connected to the same wi-fi network as your Frame TV.
  18. Confirm that the new photos appear in the "Add to TV" album.  If not, click on "Photos" on the bottom left and scroll to the bottom where again you should see a status like "Updated Just Now."  You might see a warning to wait to be connected to a power source that you can override to download.
  19. Open the SmartThings app on your iPhone.  Choose your Frame TV, Art Mode, Add Photos.  From the dropdown, select the "Add to TV" album.  All of your photos should appear.  Select each one and choose Save to TV.
  20. We're not done!  For some dumb reason, the default mat setting is Shadowbox.  So for each photo, you need to click on it, click the Mat button, scroll all the way to the left to "No Mat" and then click Save.  Please note that the "No Mat" option is only available if the photo is exactly 3840 x 2160 so if you don't see that option then you did something wrong.
  21. The first time you do this, choose Slideshow and pick the number of minutes for each photo.  If you have already chosen to show the slideshow and you are just adding more photos then you can skip this.  However if you did a Preview or selected to show a single photo on the TV during the above step then you need to choose Slideshow again.
  22. Enjoy your beautiful photos displayed perfectly on your Frame TV.


Anyone who likes this, feel free to post anywhere!


They have less bloatware built in apps so can spare th ememory to do what the customer bought the TV for. In the UK you are forced Apple TV, Music, Chanel 4, ITV. only thing you can delete is the offers app and that comes back.

Thank you so much!

finally i found a solution to my problem! i don't understand why if you use the old app named smart_view available untile 10/5/2020 you can use any kind of image. the important thing is that the resolution is in 4K. but you can easy edit it with your phone. with this new app you must to use 3840 x 2160 300ppi ONLY. 

Thanks! Great help! It worked for me that way!

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So I tried to minimize the workflow on uploading full size images to the Frame.

I downloaded an iOS App which can resize images to a prefixed pixel size. It does this unfortunately to 72dpi however it still works then to display the uploaded image to full size on the Frame. And resolution of the uploaded image on the TV is fine for me.

Seems that only the pixel sizes have to be exactly the mentioned width and height.

Currently connecting via SmartThings 1.6.527-437 (iOS)


Out of frustration i've created a (free) app to easily resize any image for the Frame. After resizing all matte styles will be availbale. Including "No Matte". (Fullscreen).


Apple Devices


Android Devices:

Super cool thanks! Works like a charm 🤙🏼

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