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2019 Frame TV Art Mode Mount issue


Hi all


Just bought a 2019 Frame TV and I'm after some help - I've uploaded a few photos from my mobile to use in art mode but, except for one, they all have no options for using the Modern mount, only the horrid Shadowbox mount! One of my photos does show this option but the rest don't, despite them all being from the same device. The one that works wasn't resized to 16:9 so squished the image, I resized it and now it doesn't show the option to use the Modern mount which is annoying. I've uploaded other 16:9 images and they don't show the option either. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance




Thank you after a whole day including talking to Samsung support who gave me a different pixel size, 3840 x 2160 Is the only size that worked for me. 16:9 did not work. I used USB as well. 


Some lessons learned:

  • The TV must me on the same network. Having the one connect box connected with a cable to your modem and your phone to the wifi is not the same network. Both devices need to be connected through (the same) wifi. Only than you will have the option 'add your photos'
  • I have an iPhone XR. When I select an image via the smartthings app I get 3 options: 1. create mount, 2. create collection and 3. save to the frame. Option 3 does not work! You need to go for option 1. create mount.  Than you can preview and save.
  • In order to get the modern matte frame, what DiDee63 says about resolution is absolutely correct. I've tried changing resolutions via Iphone and VSCO app, but nothing worked. You need to have it spot on, so I used Photoshop. Than you'll have the option to go for a modern matte or even not mount. (resolution needs to be: 3840x2160px).

I have the Samsung Frame 2018 model.


Hoping this works .. just looking to buy a 2019 49" frame.

Just been on samsung chat for 2 hours trying  to confirm just a few basic bits. . It was hard work.


I intend to put the frame on a lanscape- portrait mount .. can I upload portrait pics from my phone ..?

Is there any portrait view art on the Samsung art store .. such a pain I can't look at any before I buy a  1k tv....


On the whole I think samsung really need to put more work into it...  no one on samsung support chat could answer these questions so hopefully someone here can. 






Can anyone here tell me if I can


Hi... I have not seen any portrait art. In the Samsung store... But there are a lot of pieces. 

I guess you could upload a portrait picture and get it to work that way... 


Does anyone know why Samsung provide more mount options in the Australian version, see


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How can I add my photos to the Art app on my Samsung Frame TV?


I can confirm that resizing to 3840 x 2160 (I used 300ppi) enables the full range of options.


Thanks - I can confirm it works. 


I've tried all the sizes through out this post but it still shows up like this once I upload the photo



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The only size that will work and the only size that gives you options with the mount (or no mount) is to change the pixel size to 3840 x 2160.  16:9 does not do this.  You must change the pixel size.

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