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2018 Q9 65" QLED lose sound and remote connection with soundbar

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We are having issues with having our Q9 repaired. After reporting it was losing sound and remote connection with soundbar. Insurance company sent out technician to check and first they replaced remote. After a day we informed them there was still an issue and One Connect box was getting warm. Returned, they said they would check heat insulation within connect box, but issue continued. They took One Connect box and said they ordered new internal board, after that was fitted and returned we noticed our TV displayed when syncing a Q7 insted of Q9. Contacted technician and they are now returning to remove tv, saying that Samsung informed them they need to update firmware??? Why is our tv now showing q7 when it is a q9 and still loses sound when one connect box gets warm. Please help


Hi @Karenoos, It does sound strange that it's showing up as a Q7 rather than a Q9. Have you asked for more detail from insurance company and their technician as to exactly what they did (e.g. if they fitted a Q7 internal board)?


Plus, are you able to tell us what the firmware version on it currently is? On the TV remote, Home > Settings > Support > About This TV.


And what happens during a sound test (both normally and when the One-Connect box is warm)?


Make sure that the TV's sound output is to TV Speaker: Home > Settings > Sound > Sound Output > TV Speaker.


Then run the test: Home > Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Start Sound Test.

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