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OneDrive Deleted My Photos

(Topic created on: 24/03/21 13:10)
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I've lost hundreds of photos of family and friends that really meant a lot to me. 

In Samsung Cloud, I found all of my albums automatically syncing with OneDrive without me choosing them to, so I unchecked all of the albums as I don't have nearly enough space in OneDrive for my photos and would prefer for them to be stored on my phone. 

I then went to OneDrive and deleted the uploaded photos, as they are taking up unnecessary space in the cloud. 

Only to my horror, after emptying the OneDrive recycle bin the photos are also removed from my gallery, gone permanently. I did not once click on the 'save space on my phone' option so the photos should've still been stored on my phone and not OneDrive. 

For anyone else that also doesn't want their photos in cloud storage, go to Samsung Cloud and check if all your albums are automatically being attempted to be uploaded.

And whatever you do, do not delete the photos in OneDrive as they are stupidly linked to the ones in your gallery.
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I am sorry to hear about what happened to you 😔. Thank you for warning users that such an unpleasant situation could happen with OneDrive. I hope no one else will experience this extremely disagreeable situation and lose their precious photos.


Shouldn't Samsung/Microsoft warn of this happening??? I migrated from Gallery Cloud to OneDrive and within hours of making the switch over 15000+ of my photos were totally gone. I did not remove them myself, they just completely disappeared. What is going on?