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Will the Tab S 8.4 WiFi get Nougat?

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Hi I have read some articles online and they suggest that the tablet that you have listed will get android nougat. The tablet listed has been getting the update over the air which may mean that if you keep checking for updates in settings you may get android n. It may take some time to get to your device because android n is being rolled out gradually.

Hope this helps


Yes thank you!, all I needed to know:)

Hi, ive read online only one article suggests ill get nougat others dont it said its not likey, and doesnt have the hardware requirements, for android asop, even though i want the samsung nougat update, so its possible, some say its old, too, it doesnt look like its true right now, and no they havent been rolling out yet i agree slowly but i use sammobile for firmware no 7.0 there, so idk, what article did you read?, thanks for helping it may still be the case, i do belive it will maybe in 2nd half of year apprently they are working on it, so idk, maybe, maybe ill get it 2nd half, or not at all, i have known to realise samsung only upgrades 2 versions higher than what it came with this seems to be the case here for a while now very frustrating, but thanks and let me know if you find more info:)

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Pl Inform samsung Tab s 8.4 will get Nougat 7 upgrade


Sorry I doubt it will, now I don't think, it will it's too old, I even asked a guy in the samsung store think he agreed it was too old, unfortunately marshmallow is all it will get I think, I hope, I'm right, thank you :smiling-face: look on sammobile firmware their is probably newer updates might end support this year parts upgrades and all, so if you need any parts, it's this year, that counts, same with firmware you can stay on marshmallow, but it won't get nougat, thank you,  I doubt it wish but it may be wrong for it, sorry, I guess asop will work if you want to upgrade sorry again. I'll check anyway, if I don't reply I guess no.

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