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Volte forGalaxy Tab S4 and S3

(Topic created on: 12-05-2022 05:34 PM)
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I have three Factory Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and one Tab S3 data/talk/text tablets. They will all go dead 07/01/2022. Why? Samsung has refused to enable VOLTE on these Flagship tablets. WHY? The Qialcomm hardware is VOLTE ready, but Samsung just decided to disable it in these mobile devices!

What will Samsumg do next? Since all carriers in the United States will convert to 4G and 5G after the above date, there will be no 3G for non-Volte devices to fall back on for voice. In fact, they won't even work for data and text after the carrier switchover! 

The tablets are capable of VOLTE, but Samsung just decided to stick it to their own customers, and purposely disable the functionality. It would require a 100 byte code segment to enable it, but to Samsung that's way too much effort! 

No, better to render wothless their top-of-the-line  mobile devices from three years ago! WHY? It's very unlike Samsung to shaft their own cistomers. I can only imagine it's a sign of the end for Samsung's mobile-device manufacturing!

Soon, no Samsung device will work with current technology. Google, 'Samsung shafts its own customers; begining of the end for the Korean tech giant! I'm going to blog it. 

Or, Samsung can release software updates for the SM-T825 and SM-T835 devices to enable what is already there! If US Carriers are involved in a corrupt scheme with Samsung, to obsolete factory unlocked devices, to reduce human beings to ATMS that pour out cash into the pockets of cellular carriers;


nameless, faceless means to an end, who know nothing but to shut up and obey; there will be champions to lead the people into revolt against the corrupt underpinnings of global industry, and fracture them, so giants crumble undrer the weight of their own repulsive bloat!

If it. happens pnce, it will happen again, until the people believe there is an invisible shield protecting them from the big yellow face in the sky, for which the government collects 100% income tax, with the alternative that everyone be instantameously vaporized! 

Don't allow us to descend into mind-numbed automatons working for the benefit of the people's collective; worker drones being fed nutritional sludge made from recycled worker drones!

Insist that Samsumg stand behind what they make! If you don't, no one else will! And when they come for you, there won't be anyone left to speak up!   

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You may want to post in the US forum. Here, in Europe we will have 3G for a few more years.
Finn F
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Talked with Samsung support and they said it may be 2 weeks or more and they'll release an update for tablets for VoLTE support. Wondering if in the meantime I could flash to a different firmware but I think the VoLTE might not work even if I go to an unlocked firmware as compared to staying on verizon firmware - tablet's unlocked ofc. Also worried about bricking my tablet if I did but it should work and be fine otherwise I can run recovery.