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Tablet resizes wallpaper in vertical and horizontal mode

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I have a question about a problem I ran into recently. While setting a wallpaper on my Galaxy TAB S5e, I get to move it around, resize, etc. However the problem I ran into is that I can only adjust the wallpaper in horizontal or vertical mode (depending on the tablet's current orientation) and not both at the same time. As a result, when I adjust how the wallpaper should look in horizontal mode, it works only in that orientation. If I choose to use my device in portrait mode, the wallpaper just zooms in the middle of the picture, which most of the time doesn't look great. When I set my wallpaper in vertical mode however, it works in that orientation, but not quite in landscape. The device just takes the already zoomed fragment of the picture and stretches it to fit the screen in horizontal mode, resulting in even lower resolution. 

What I'd like my tablet to do is either allow me to adjust the wallpaper in both modes at the same time, or allow me to set it in vertical mode and use the entire picture in horizontal.

Is there any way (be it app or program) that would allow me to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance

@Vequa: I have had a look into this for you and I experienced the same issues when using Gallery images as wallpaper, but not with standard Wallpapers. Its strange, because I had a quick go on the Note 10 and on there it only flips the UI but leaves the image in place. Sadly I don't have a workaround for this other than to recommend that you opt for one of the default Wallpaper designs.

Thanks for your reply! The problem for me as well only occurs when using images from the gallery. I hope it's patched soon.
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I have a similar problem with my Galaxy Tan S 10.5. I usually use it in landscape mode but the wallpaper resizes itself at random. Sometimes about quarter size top-left, sometime about double size and then back to my setting.

Same for me on a Tab A SM-T290. The wallpaper from the Pictures folder reduces it's size to about 2/3 screen size, in the top left corner.

Update have found that my Wunerground weather App can cause wallpaper shrinkage and if I run it again it restores to normal ssreen size.Dosen't always happen but twice yesterday and today, it has.

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I too have the same issue as discribed.... with a twist.


I'm wondering... has anyone else seen that issue on the Galaxy Tab Active2 (SM-T395) as well, please?


... If so... my question here (and added to the first order issue I'm following on from)... why does the Tab Active 2 resize the wallpaper, (picked from my photo gallery), to 1/4 of the landscape view after it is powered down and turn back on the next time I go to use it?


I'm sure all of this is more common than odd. ...I fix my 1/4 sized image to full size again... but... rotate to portrait... and in the same boat with everyone here.


Thanks in advance for those that reply.

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I too had the same issue with my Tab S5e, but it is resolved to a certain extent now after I started using Google Wallpapers app to select my home screen wallpaper. 

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I am starting to create tablet wallpapers and this is what I figured out. When you have a wallpaper that fits perfectly in portrait orientation, when you switch to landscape (or flip your tablet sideways), it has to zoom all the way in. It gets pixelized and doesn't crop right.




If you create a background in landscape (or take a picture), it just crops the sides when you flip the orientation to portrait. So, as long as you take a picture landscape wise and the people are in the middle and not anyone on the sides, you should be fine.




Granted, I don't know Samsung Galaxy Tabs very well. I am basing this on how iPads work.


Let me know if its the same.


I don't know if this was resolved, I just wanted to put this out there.


I do wish I could get my hands on a Galaxy Tablet so I can see what it does.

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