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Tab S8 nextdns Private dns won't connect

(Topic created on: 31-08-2022 09:27 AM)
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This has been fine since day one, but after receiving the 2AVH4/August update as soon as I enable private dns with it won't connect. Error showing is 'private dns server cannot be accessed'.

This has been working fine for the last few months for me, and works fine on my Pixel 5, Pixel 3a, older Samsung tabs, but this update seems to have a bug. Other private dns servers like adguard work fine, and nextdns works fine on all other devices except this after updating.


Anyone else able to recreate this issue or have nextdns working?

First Poster

I've had the same problem a few days ago and I fix it in this way, maybe it could help you :smiling-face:
- Try downloading some DNS app like this and select one from the list (do this only the first time)

- Later go to Settings -> Connections -> More connection settings -> VPN and you should see the DNS app icon, click on the gears icon and select "Always-ON VPN"

- Reboot your device and try browsing using the private dns :smiling-face:
(don't worry, the "Always-ON VPN" option only tricks your system on thinking that you are trying to connect to some vpn, in fact,when you reboot you device the system will ask you to enable the vpn via app but you can ignore the alert and use your own dns)


I hope I was helpful :smiling-face: