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Tab S7, stuttery/jittery picture in streaming apps related to refresh rate

(Topic created on: 14-04-2022 12:55 PM)

I have had a Tab S7 for several months.

I have noticed that in some streaming apps I have jittery/microstuttering picture. In some way this is related to the screen refresh rate.

If I turn on the refresh rate counter in the developer settings I can see that the refresh rate is 48 Hz when experiencing the stutter. If I put my finger on the screen the refresh rate jumps to 120 Hz and the picture is smooth again.

One could then think that using an app looking the refresh rate to 120 Hz would solve the problem. However this is not the case unfortunately. I still experiencing the exact same behaviour with stutter/jittery picture until I put my finger on the screen.

I don't experience this problem in all streaming apps but it's very annoying using a premium tablet and having the poor picture quality.

Googling this problem I have noticed that some owners of Tab S6 seem to have had the same pro