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Tab S6 Lite SD Card Spec

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I've recently purchased a Tab S6 Lite, and want to get a MicroSD card for it. However, this has turned out to be less straightforward than anticipated!...


I'm intending to store certain files used by apps on the card, and so want a card with the fastest read/write speeds for small files. This would initially appear to just be a case of getting an "A2" class SD card. However, having researched this further, it seems that A2 cards only provide better performance in devices specifically designed to support A2 cards, otherwise they are substantially slower than an "A1" card. Consequently, I was hoping that someone on here may know whether the Tab S6 Lite has full support for A2 class cards, or whether I am going to get better performance from an A1 card in this device. 


Alternatively, is anyone able to provide any SD performance benchmark results from either A1 or A2 cards (64GB+) in their Tab S6 Lite? 


Many Thanks! 



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Just an update - I went for a SanDisk A2 card in the end, though I doubt I'll see any benefit from the A2 classification in this device. It was the same price as the A1 card and the performance difference is negligible, and it has a few other advantages. 

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