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Tab S6/Galaxy S21 Ultra messaging issues

(Topic created on: 27-03-2021 11:22 PM)
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I've recently upgraded my S10+ to a S21U.   I have my Tablet and my Phone linked using the "call/text on other devices" feature so that i can receive the texts sent to my phone (EE) on my tablet (o2) and reply easier as I have the keyboard.  I've been doing this seamlessly for the last 18 months with my S10+ and with my S21U until Wednesday of this week.  Now I'm finding that the majority of texts aren't coming through to my tablet.  The majority of texts I try to send from my tablet are failing.

I've restarted both devices (several times)
Checked there are no pending updates
Unlinked and relinked the phone and tablet
Force stopped the messaging app
restarted again

I've just come off a text support chat with Samsung who sent me trouble shooting steps - however these seem aimed at me not receiving texts actually through my tablet sim card .. and I'm guessing this isn't actually relevant. However, i have tried all of these steps anyway, but no luck. The final step is to ask for a new sim card - but again I'm not convinced this is going to be the issue as that would be the actual tablet sim and i'm not receiving texts to that number!

Has anyone had this issue or got any ideas as its driving me crazy. Thank you