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Tab A7 Lite - Battery does not charge for a few days, then it starts charging again

(Topic created on: 27-06-2023 12:28 PM)
Denis Santos
First Poster

Hi everyone.

I use Samsung Tablets Tab A7 Lite in order to implement a mobile app I developed for assisting Truck drivers in my client's company (a total of 18 tablets). However, after six months some of these tablets started presenting a misbehavior: whenever the tablet became out of energy, we couldn't charge it back. When we plug the cable, nothing happens, doesn't matter how much time we leave it plugged. To our surprise, if we left the tablet without plugging the cable for nearly a week, when we tried plugging again then it charged immediately. This behavior is repeating itself in around 7 of the 18 tablets.

I would like some assistance to understand what is going on, how to prevent it, and how to fix it faster than having to wait for a whole week in order to charge it again.

Thank you for your attention,


Samsung Members Star ★
Generally they should be good if left on a charger overnight. I need to point out that those batteries will be toast soon if they are continually allowed to fully discharge. It would be kinder to the batteries for them to have chargers in the cabs. You won't continually have phones laid up until they are ready to take a charge nor will you have to pay mega bucks to get the batteries replaced.