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Samsung Tab S7


**Please help me reach this suggestion atleast to Samsung Tablet Developers and Marketers**


Hey Sammy, If you're reading this, I just want to suggest the pricing and specs for your next generation flagship tablet after the just released Tab s6. If your flagship tablet for 2020 is so called the Tab s7 or whatever, then here are my suggestions.


Samsung Tab s7 (2020)

ROM        RAM        Wi-Fi only         Wi-Fi + 5G
256GB     8GB        $699 ~700         $799 ~800
512GB     12GB       $849 ~850         $949 ~950


Bigger Battery
Faster Charger
120Hz Display
Larger Display
Better Screen Resolution (4k if possible)
Larger PPI

Better Camera Sensors

Better SoC (on par or better than Apple A Chips)

+New Features

First Poster

Great, not ->

There should be an Ultra variant of that thing. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Ultra.

12inch + and more of everything. 1TB of storage, 12GB RAM, best S-Pen, more elegant keyboard, and a more timeless look.

Some more Ram, who cares? It is nice to have, but the experience needs a boost. The glass back on the Tab S4 felt great. Perhaps the same in matt black and please a stainless steel frame the coloring starts to peel off on the Tab S4. No ports, and a Wireless connection hub to huck up to the pc, which can transform it into a Windows drawing tablet, where it is used as a secondary screen to draw on with direct pen input to the OS. 

One variant at 1342$. Perfect.

IDK if there is more to include. 

See ya 




People just ask why they need additional ram because they are not experienced the Samsung dex if they are they know the real power of ram and it is faster than 16gb ram of a laptop as iam using 8GB ram in my note9 and its better big screen more space more ram and pro cameras in front and back as ipadpro do.

Seriously. The only thing now going for Samsung tablets are jailbreaks and mods allowed by android. Apple's line of tablets for different budgets, vibrant app ecosystem and powerful hardware paired with keyboard and cursor support has almost made me give up on Sammy. Esp the non desire to go with 4:3 or more squarish but productive aspect ratios. Its really v sad for the state of android tablets.


Even as we compare on the basis of value and longevity, just ytd I took out my old ipad air and compared it with my old note 2014 to play a game of monopoly and u should know which tablet stayed up to date with latest os updates and which tablet struggled with casual gaming in terms of graphics and audio. Same applies for lightweight productivity tasks..




I have the Tab S6 and know that the iPad Pro has a backlit keyboard with a trackpad and pass thru charging, I'm probably going to get a 12.9 in May. 




I don't like 4:3. I like tab s4 16: 10


I'm supportive of any productive aspect ratio. i have 2 peers that got it and when i used it.. i did not regret buying ipad pro 12.9 and ipad mini 5. why? cuz the tab s6 feels like a media netflix design. too wide.


if i may add. I totally want a 12 inch + device. and the only thing that is going to swing me back to samsung will be the weight (and robust structure of cause).  carrying the 12.9 ipad with keyboard is no freaking joke; it is very heavy for a tablet. so hopefully the rumored 12.4 is much lighter.


i am revisitng forums again because i am a tad excited after seeing news that samsung is listening to the people. 


Please make a device that we can boast to our colleagues and friends. tab s6 looks and performs like a joke now compared to ipad recent offerings.


I'll say it again, because I haven't said it in awhile. I wish they would use the Galaxy Book2 form factor (kickstand) for a Tab S7 12 inch model. With the rounded edges, crazy-small bezels, quad-speaker setup, and the detachable backlit keyboard, I think it could be amazing. The always attached lowkey kickstand was one of my favorite (and totally useful) features of the Book2. 

Yes you are right and we need a best 4k 60fps front camera for videocall and best specs with snapdragon 865
4k front camera is probably a bit overkill. With the standard that the laptop community has set, a quality 1080p with a great mic would stand apart from most.
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