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Samsung Tab S7


**Please help me reach this suggestion atleast to Samsung Tablet Developers and Marketers**


Hey Sammy, If you're reading this, I just want to suggest the pricing and specs for your next generation flagship tablet after the just released Tab s6. If your flagship tablet for 2020 is so called the Tab s7 or whatever, then here are my suggestions.


Samsung Tab s7 (2020)

ROM        RAM        Wi-Fi only         Wi-Fi + 5G
256GB     8GB        $699 ~700         $799 ~800
512GB     12GB       $849 ~850         $949 ~950


Bigger Battery
Faster Charger
120Hz Display
Larger Display
Better Screen Resolution (4k if possible)
Larger PPI

Better Camera Sensors

Better SoC (on par or better than Apple A Chips)

+New Features

Yes, finally someone gets it. 13.3 4K already exists on the market would be super easy to transition to. Let's make it happen!
Yes perfect I advocate for 13.3 in but don't forget at that size it's now inconvenient to holding your hand. So let's also ask for a built-in ferromagnetic plate in the back Center so it can be easily paired with a magnetic stand or wall mount
Mostly totally agree! LOL just erase the 10-inch from both of those statements and and you'll be left with game-changing devices. Granted they get to aspect ratio is correct. The 8-inch should be more Square keeping the same form factor, so that means it'll go down to about 7 in. 1.2:1 or 8:7. But for a 12 or 13 inch model please please do not give me anything but 16 by 9, no black bars and 2020 please. I can handle blowing up an anamorphic video to 16 by 9 but if I have black bars above and below my already 16 by 9 video content it's straight up feels like wasted money on the top and bottom of the display
If we go up to 12 in then people will be setting it on their desk not holding in their hand. Adding another 10 in from the display to your eyes. Can you guess what they'll say? Is 12.5 inch display is not big enough LOL. Let's skip all the nonsense and go at the 13 to 14 inch display. It will be the first ARM device in that class. Then I can finally feel like Samsung is finally thinking outside the Apple box.
Yes make a pencil but please do not include it in the price I'd rather save some cash considering that everyone I know who owns a large format tablet with a pen only uses it less than 5% of the time. What the largest screen that now sits on your desk at 12 or 13 in no one's going to be using touch anything when you can just connect a Bluetooth mouse. Yeah, you might be that 5% of the market that wants to draw with a pencil by hand on your tablet oh, so then you can go pay extra for the pen.

What? No! The pen needs to be included. 12 to 13 inches is for artists who are better accustomed to using hands instead of a mouse. Why would you get a 13 inch tablet when their are already laptops with mouses at that size that's just silly. Tablet users I know are mainly artists and we definitely use our side stylus for our work. I think it was perfect idea to include it.  Tablet users use stylus and laptop users use mouse if you dont want the stylus then dont use it just because you already have a mouse doesnt mean tablet users should have to go out and get the stylus it makes sense that if you're going to pay for a high end tablet the stylus should come included your idea is ridiculous kinda like apple and there method. 


Screenshot_20200222-072235_S Note.jpgScreenshot_20200222-072314_S Note.jpgScreenshot_20200222-072334_S Note.jpgScreenshot_20200222-072345_S Note.jpgScreenshot_20200222-072434_S Note.jpgScreenshot_20200222-072636_S Note.jpgПожалуйста, верните программу S-note. Это уникальная программа, Я купил Samsung note и таблетки со стилусом для него. Мне нравится его структура с ноутбуками, я держу в нем заметки, вы можете оставить заметки Samsung, но вернуть S-note. У меня есть записи, я предпочитаю, чтобы она использовала их. Samsung Notes не приспособлен для моих задач, просто невозможно делать все, что я хочу, аналоги других производителей меня не устраивают. Я не понимаю, зачем нужно было заменять большую программу этим убожеством Samsung Notes. вы можете просто добавить режим "прокрутки" в S-note. И самое главное! зачем ограничивать S-note только телефонами со стилусом? почему вы запрещаете использовать программу для планшетов со стилусами? возвращает возможность перетаскивать изображения из предыдущего окна!


why don't Samsung tablets, even the most expensive ones, have Always On Display? please add at least for flagship tablets. No purchase is not working correctly, just not running albome location.

They used to make the Galaxy Tab pro 12.2 but they stopped supporting it.
They used to have the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2in and it was a good tablet until they stopped supporting it.
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