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Samsung tab s6 lite, pen annotations on samsung note saving as pdf with inverted colors


I have some pdf documents I want to fill out with handwriting (signatures) and save a copy as pdf. I've been trying to use samsung note for this - pdf import works like a charm, writing with the pen is perfect, save as pdf into my desired folder works well (even if I can't rename the document when I'm saving it, I can live with that) but I'm having the weirdest issue now: when I'm done and saved and reopen my saved pdf with the handwritten info, the color of the handwritten text has inverted colors. Is this a bug or some setting I'm not aware of that I need to change? I'm writing on samsung note with black ink and it saves with white ink which is terrible because the background is white so you can't see anything. 

Mind you,  when I open the file on samsung note it looks perfect but when using Adobe reader or anything else the ink is inverted.  Also worth mentioning it is only the ink color of what I write with the s pen that is changing, the background text and color remains the original. 

How do I fix this or should I just use a different software than samsung note for what I want? 

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