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Samsung Tab S5e Screen splits vertically in landscape mode, RHS just fuzz. Help please.


Of course this only happens intermittently.

Possibly related to low charge state.

Android ver 9.

Not relevant I expect but I have an encrypted SD card.


The problem cropped up about 3 days ago.

I left the tab on charge till fully charged (normal display restored) then restarted in Safe Mode.

Uninstalled all games and potentially problematic apps.

Then restarted in normal mode & all seemed OK.

But the glitch "threatened" to recur this morning.

(A vertical separation seemed to appear when in Google Chrome. I used the power button (the fingerprint reader button beside volume button) to back out & the problem "went away".


I expect that it will recur.


Any ideas as to whether it is a hardware problem?


Or Google Chrome using too much resources?

Any advice very much appreciated.





I'm running a NetFlix movie now & all seems OK.

I picked up a tip that disabling auto screen brightness may help so did that.

Again, any advice welcome..

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