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Samsung SE5 freezing directly after the last Android Update

(Topic created on: 31-07-2020 02:22 PM)
First Poster

Hello everyone.

Since the last, rather large, Android update my SE5 is experiencing some significant problems over many apps and the tablet software itself. 


There are constant freezes, whether that be Messenger, Facebook, Internet browsing, Google, email ++++. Some of the time I literally cannot type, as the keys do not register, or only register 5 to 10 seconds after I have touched them and so on.


There are screen display freezes. Sometimes the tablet goes black and resets itself and the only error message that I have had, once, is System UI, butbI did not see te rest of it, it was too quick.


At times the pad is almost unusable. 


This happened directly after the latest Android update and, despite having deleted apps and reinstalled them, there is no change. The pad is only a year old, the problems are sporadic, yet often and there are no viruses etc having also checked that by my antivirus software.


I have also done system cleans: memory, disk, app cache etc, but this is still happening.


Whilst I am typing here on this Samsung Web page, it is ok, but this can change in a millisecond where I can no longer type, or touch a button/tab to bring it up etc etc.


The pad says it is 100% OK in a scan, but it is clearly not.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue after the update?


PS My memory is not full or nearly full.


Guess what, it just happened yet again as I was typing that last line. For around 20 seconds I could not type a thing  then it all came out in a long line of commands. Not good


Thanks all the very best




Yes, same here unfortunately.  Seems better in Safe Mode so wondering if some downloaded app is to blame? 


Hey, we have 2 tab 5e's and exactly the same. Have this topic on another thread but posting here so it's more visible.  


Freezes for 5-10 seconds. Happens 4 or 5 times a day, takes a while for lag to go and get back to normal.  I've had mine for 2 yes, wife for 6 months, NEVER had issue until the update.  You buy an expensive tab with more memory to avoid having lag.


Samsung, please address this.