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Samsung s5e wifi issue on Android 10


Ever since the update to Android 10 on July 1st, every time my tablet screen is switched off the wifi will also switch off on the tablet. I've been through all the settings including the developer options and I can't see anyway to stop this. I've reset my settings too, but to no avail. I've had to download an app on the Play Store to keep the wifi on.

Is this a bug or an intended feature of Android 10? And does anyone have any idea how to fix it, other than with a permanently running background app?

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The update has just become available for download here in Oz. I've installed it and the wifi issue appears to be fixed! 


tried to post this three times but Samsung servers reject it!

I hope Samsung USA Support help you. I also hope the contents of this document help!


So, finally the update arrived yesterday. My observation is that it works somewhat faster now. It also connects to WiFi automatically especially after shutdown overnight. Still have a problem with the Lock screen when at home, have to figure that out. I think that the bug lied with Google, and Samsung having been part of  it. Both too slow to recognize the problem. Why I don't know. Quality seems to be a foreign word to most large companies. Profit is NOT. Think a moment about it....

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Yes, after the update it can finally connect to wifi by itself after boot. Amazing technology.

No, the WiFi signal sensivity hasn't improved. I can still only see my own WiFi router when scanning for networks. Before (on Android 9) it showed my neighbors' networks as well. And I still have a weak connection right outside my house. 

I'm not impressed at all. 

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