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Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T805 Wifi Stopped Working

(Topic created on: 10-11-2017 09:13 PM)
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I have an early Galaxy Tab S Wifi/4G tablet and the WiFi has suddenly stopped working. 


The symptoms are similar to several other posts reported in this community and other forums but I am yet to find a definitive answer as to what the cause is. My assumption is that the wireless radio on the motherboard has failed.


A few days ago, the WiFi started cycling round turning off and on continuously - it would stay on for say about 7-8 seconds and then turn off again. After about an hour it just failed completely. If you try and slide the Wi-Fi switch across in settings, it just stays grey and says 'turning on' - but never starts. Bluetooth also fails to work.


I've tried a factory reset and cleared the cache etc. The tablet has no physical damage (it is absolutely pristine) but is now rather useless.


My question - can someone confirm this is a motherboard issue? And if so, does anyone know the cost of Samsung UK fixing this? The device is out of warranty unfortunately. 


All help appreciated!