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Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T5660 Battery

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T5660 8GB Wi-Fi. I have recently replaced the battery however I am still having the same problem.  Which is, if I don't use the tablet for a few days (even though the battery is fully charged when I switch it  off) when I come to switch the device on (after a few days)  the battery is on zero and takes at least 2 hours to fully charge.  For the battery to remain fully charged when not it use it has to be constantly connected to the charger.

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Did you replace your battery with a Samsung battery or another Company ?


Did yoy replace each part like in this video :


I just try to understand why your battery is not better than that, it act like a dead battery...

I took the Samsung to a place where they fix devices, I did not do this myself.


I just dont understand why the device does not remain fully charged if I have not used it for a few days and it is switched off????


First, install "GSAM Battery Monitor" from Google Play Store, continue to work on your tablet and take a screenshot after 1 hour with this Gsam application opened...To do this, your battery need to be FULL CHARGE, i want to see the discharging speed. Sorry for my english.

This will show if it's a dead i think ...

Here is a screen shot





Normal range is about 7 % / hour, your's is draining the battery at 13,6 %, Your screen is probably too light and it took a lot of battery...Also, Do you have Es File Explorer installed on your device, this application  drain battery and is dangerous.. Try to remember if you have aleardy installed this application  because you won't see it if you try to uninstall it normaly. 


Do you know how to make a wipe cache partition ? not a restore ...


https: //


 https: //

My screen brightness is set to less than 50%. 


I dont think I have Es File Explorer installed.


And I have also wiped cache partition.


What do I do next?

13, 6%  is abnormal , look at mine...You have to find wich application is draining your battery because a application is draining the battery BUT i don't understand why your battery die when power is OFF...It act as dead battery (my RCA tablet was like that but i didn,t change the battery, i change the tablet for a Samsung)


If you want to know if you have installed ES File Explorer you have to go to Parameters/Applications and look over there if you have it...if you find it, you have it uninstall it from there, it's impossible with Play Store now...

es explorer logo.png


This is the help for your tablet :


if it was me, Last thing to do is to backup your tablet and restore it

Restore to manufacturing default, sorry i don't found this page in english...


Screenshot_20190615-213814_GSam Battery Monitor.jpg



Another solution is proposed in this post for a draining problem, don't know if this can help but ...



The problem is if the tablet is fully charged then disconnected from the charger and then switched off when I come to switch it on again for example after 24 hours the battery is on zero.  Is this normal for a samsung tablet? 


An iPhone for example will keep the battery as fully charged if it's switched off for over 24 hours!

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