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Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 as second tablet

(Topic created on: 06-01-2024 12:16 PM)
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Hi! I have the S6 Lite 2020 for more than 3 years already, and I'm very happy with it. Due to its limited size I normally carry it around almost everywhere in my bag. However I've realized that I feel kinda lazy to take it out in many occasions (bus, doctor's waiting room...), as I feel that it's a bit big/bulky and hence a bit of a hassle for just some minutes of use.

I use my tablet mainly for reading PDFs, news (e.g.: NYT app), video streaming (YouTube, HBO...), Internet browsing... in general a light use, for which I don't need the latest flagship model.

Reading some reviews of iPad Mini I noticed that users normally mention that they carry it everywhere and don't feel "lazy" to take it out of their pocket / bag at any appropriate moment. Since iPad is a NO GO for me (I owned an iPad Air 2 for 4 years until I got fed up with iOS and came back to Android), I see that the alternatives for Android are really limited. So I came across the recently released A9 (8.7 inch).

I know that the A9 is not comparable to the iPad Mini when it comes to specs, but it's also not comparable when it comes to price. I can get the A9 in Spain for around 130€ with some special discount.

So I'm seriously considering to purchase the A9 to combine it with my S6 Lite (until now i wouldn't conceive having two tablets). I'd keep the A9 in my bag or jacket pocket while moving around and also use it for controlling my drone, instead of using my smartphone. And I'd keep the S6 Lite at home and take it for "big trips" where I'll spend a long time in trains / planes. Furthermore only the S6 Lite supports the S-Pen, which I use occasionally for signing documents and drawing / coloring (Penup).

In conclusion, I just wanted to know if many of you guys also use two tablets, and if you also use a "small" tablet (8.7 inch-ish). In the latter case, what are the pros and cons that you have encountered? Is it really appropriate for reading PDFs (magazines...)? My only experience with a "small" tablet was the Nexus 7 back in 2012, but I found 7 inch far too small...

Many thanks, and keep up the good work with this awesome community!

My wife has an s6 lite and takes it everywhere as well as her phone and doesn't worry about taking it out in cafe's etc......its a fantastic tablet and with the s pen she does drawing and colouring etc.......I'd say don't feel lazy about it and just use it
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I just brought the A9 8.7“ yesterday, not the best spec but more than I want it for. I just want a 8" tab but Samsung doesn't make top end small tabs anymore
Ironically, I got the S6 Lite (2022) in the Christmas sales to have as a more portable alternative to my considerably clunkier S8+. In all honesty, I would have gone for the A9 in a heartbeat if it had S Pen support. I was directly replacing a very old (for tech) Lenovo tablet that is starting to lose app support, doesn't even have a full HD screen, etc. The size of that tablet is perfect for carrying around but still big enough compared to my phone (especially considering I specifically go for the smallest phones when companies actually give them decent specs) to make having the extra device worthwhile.

I just couldn't justify replacing it if it wasn't for a tangible upgrade in practical use, which, in this case, was the S Pen. As someone said above, they just don't seem to be making smaller devices with those features and specs anymore, which is disappointing.