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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Model SM-T550 connects to internet then immediately disconnects. Works fine in another house (both on EE)

(Topic created on: 06-02-2019 09:10 PM)
First Poster

A friend has a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, about 3 years old. When connected to internet (EE) at his house it connects OK then instantly disconnects every time. My Lenovo tablet connects easily and stays connected. At my house in a different town his Tablet is fine and connects to my internet with no problem (also EE). Have checked wifi password etc. and EE have checked the line as much as they can, no problems found.


Have tried virtually everything I can find online to try apart from a factory reset which I don't really want to do and telling it to forget the connection and then resetting the connection as to do this it has to be connected and it doesn't stay connected long enough!


It just really puzzles me why it is fine at my house and why my tablet is fine at his house, yet his will not hold the connection at his house?


Any ideas? It worked for a while at his house (although he didn't use it much).

Obviously nothing wrong with internet service and nothing wrong with tablet, so where do I go from here? Help!