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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 'Kids Home'Websites

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Wondering if anyone can help? Just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablet and when adding a website to allow the kids to do some online school work, it allows the website ( but it uses a webiste to login and when logging in via this when it then opens the activelearning site it comes up with the error messgae.


"Your browser settings do not seem to allow cookies. It looks like you need to enable browser cookies or make an exception for this page."


When i go to the main settings on the tablet, cookies are enabled.


Does anyone know how to get this resolved?



Many Thanks

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I am having the exact same issue with this website and have tried to get online support too but no success yet. Did you ever manage to get it sorted?


Hi @nikkinoo1981 and @TheWanderer ,


is this happening with all the browsers or with one in particular? Have you tried to check the browser settings to see if the cookies are enabled there and do you have a Kids profile added to the Tab when you are trying to do this? 



At the minute that is the main browser I am struggling with. If I open the website without entering kids mode it works fine. As soon as I enter kids mode and use the kids mode browser I get the cookies error message.


Thanks for clarifying that @nikkinoo1981 Have you tried to check the browser settings to see if these are enabled? 


Take a look at this post from our colleagues in Ireland to find more about how to do this. 

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