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(Topic created on: 11-02-2022 02:32 PM)

My 2017 SM-T580 10.1" tablet worked perfectly until I upgraded from VM's 500mbps Hub 3 to the V M Ultimate Volt bundle inclusive of a 1000 mbps (Gig1) Hub 5 router.  Having connected via new wifi password and gone to 'settings' and reset network settings, this tablet has become more or less unuseable. I have checked for updates and rebooted the tablet and router several times to no avail.

All other Wifi connected devices such as TV & DVD Apps, Mobile Phone & Logi  Security camera work absolutely perfectly.  No problems with my 'Wired' PC (W10 Edge ) desktop. SPEEDTEST on mobile located adjacent to this tablet registers 350mbps average.

Samsungs Faults include:

This community login taking 3 attempts to activate , the third taking about 2min to allow me to start this Thread/post

Several Google Play Apps refusing to open.

SPEEDTEST failed to connect on most attempts but when successful, registered Wifi speeds of 5mbps, up to 30 mbps on my GIG1 (1000mbps)Hub 5 router. Previous Hub 3 achied average of 250 mbps

Web page Tabs refusing to refresh or 'hanging' for 2 to 15 minutes before opening.

NEW tabs generally fail to open.

Ebay listings refusing to 'relist'.

However a few websites do open in a few seconds but not in millisecs as they did previously.

I have cleared Temp Internet files and cache etc, run virus and malware programs but also to no avail.

I haven't yet done default reset nor factory reset as I don't know the consequences of either.

Can anyone advise me of any solution to get the tablet to perform? 

PS.  Edited to say the post successful in less than a second😉

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Many thanks for the link. Having failed to login to VM's community website on my Tablet half an hour ago I was just about to go upstairs to my study to use my PC . Planned to 'copy' my Samsung community post when I received your reply so I am half way to trying to sort out the problem.

Do you think replacing my 5 year old Tablet with a new Samsung or rival brand would be a satisfactory solution or do you think it is a purely Hub 5 problem bearing in mind that my Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro mobile works perfectly when connected to the Hub 5 wifi.

Major problem reverting to a Hub 3 or replacement Hub 5 is having to reset all my devices with yet another new wifi password Doh!, as would my visiting family & friend own mobiles.😡 

I had awful problems with my Samsung tablet when I switched to Virgin and got a Hub5. However there were several other devices that were affected. I narrowed it down to the router in the Hub5 (not the wi-fi, but the device that allocates IP addresses etc). My wifi was a BT Whole Home mesh system, so I was not using the Hub5 wi-fi, but it was still doing the router function. I eventually got another router (not wi-fi, just a simple router), wired it to my Hub5, and switched the Hub5 to modem only. The mesh was wired to the new router, as were all wired devices. All the problems disappeared instantly. My tablet, a laptop, and several Ring devices all connected straight away. I am afraid that the routing capabilities of the Hub5 are just not good enough. I have to use it as a modem and to connect the Virgin co-ax to my network, but everything else is dealt with by other equipment.

Setup environment: Virgin Media Hub5 router wired to desktop PC upstairs in study.

All other devices, tablet, mobile, smart TVs &  DVD in downstairs sitting room/conservatory connect by wifi.

I have now received and setup my new 'Android 10' Lenovo tablet & transferred all content from the 'Android 8.1' Samsung A6 tablet.

The Lenovo is connecting instantly as are all it's apps, tabbed websites & mail etc.

SPEEDTEST  registered  downloads  of 341 & 342.8 mbps on the Lenovo compared to the Samsung which on first & third attempts 'failed to connect', but on the second attempt had registered 0.03mbps 🤬.

My Android Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Mobile placed adjacent to the tablet registered 321mbps. All other Smart TV / device apps connect to the Hub5 generally without problem. (Virgin media Neflix problematic).

CONCLUSION: The 5 year old Sammy software can't cope with the new HUB 5 WIFI 6 specification so my decision to purchase a new tablet was justified.

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Hi just ' upgraded ' to new Hub 5 and with days of working things out amd little or no help from VMEDIA realised that if you completely disable the Hub 5 on 5 mhz and just let it work through 2.4 your Samsung tablet will work..its a bit of a faff and i switch back to both when using Laptop for work during the day. At least it saved me £500 by rushing out and buying a new Tablet which could be compatible to Wifi6 ..from reading posts its down to the internals of the hub not being able to differentiate properly..