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Samsung don't support their own products? (TabS6)

(Topic created on: 28-01-2020 02:57 PM)

Genuinely surprised about this one, i've got a TabS6 and really love it. One of the things i'd like to do on it is play games (native Android and emulation), i've got a USB C adapter that supports 60W PD and has an HDMI out so i'm sorted? Not Quite.


From what I can see, the charger thats's provided with the TabS6 (in the UK at least) does not have the power output to allow the TabS6 to display to an external display, run some tasks and charge at the same time. Every combination of cable/adapter i've tried all has the same result - the tablet saying it's charging, but the battery % continiously dropping. 


After much back and forth with Samsung UK's team over Twitter, they couldn't suggest a Samsung Branded charging brick, tried to suggest a USB C Adapter and (understandably) wouldn't suggest a 3rd party 


Q - Do Samsung make/sell a charging plug that outputs sufficient power to allow the Tab S6 to be charging whilst using an external display

A (exact quote)  - As we said in the message above, we wouldn't sell a device that does this. It might be something you'd need to check with other retailers or reputable third-parties.


Samsung have left it to it's customer to base to (with their own money) test through trial and error various third party Chargers and USB C Adaptors to making one of the main selling points of the tablet useable. This seems fundimentally wrong, 


Have any members of this community ahad any joy with charging the tablet whilst using it through an external display? if so can you recommend (through experience) what accessories to use?