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samdung galaxy tab a

(Topic created on: 11-11-2020 07:28 PM)
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I’m writing to you in desperation that someone can help me. A couple of years ago I obtained a Galaxy Tab A as part of my mobile phone contract with EE. The tablet has never been right. When in the middle of performing a function (any function) it will just make a small metallic sound and go dead.

From that point it will remain unresponsive to any and all attempts to restore it, including attempts to turn it on/off. This can last for a second or two up to several hours. 

I’ve returned it to EE on five separate occasions, on all said occasions it has been returned to me ‘fixed’. Eventually, they returned it to Samsung and I received a ‘replacement model. Great!

I now simply don’t believe it was returned as exactly the same problem quickly reappeared. So despairing, I took the tablet into your Manchester showroom where I was assured it was not a common fault on this model, further adding to my suspicions re EE returning it.

So I left the tablet with one of your charming sales staff, even managing to demonstrate to him the problem, which I was pleased about as the problem can be quite intermittent, who confidently assured me one ot your Samsung- trained technicians would surely find the fault and fix it.

A couple of days later I picked up my newly ‘fixed’ tablet. Assured the fault had been identified and eliminated. No such luck I’m afraid as the old problem quickly revealed itself.

Surely this the perfect example of a product being ‘unfit for purpose’


Obviously, I realise the device is out of warranty but as you can see I have been trying all this time to resolve the issue with both EE and yourselves. If you need to check how many times it’s been returned you can check with both the Rochdale and the Bury EE stores. I would say 8 or 9 times in all. I would of course be more than happy to return the device upon replacement.


I have even managed to attach a short video demonstrating the issue, so they could see for yourselves.


To date I am not getting anywhere

Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did they go about in getting a resolution 





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This is outrageous treatment of a customer they should give you a new tablet! I'm afraid you have been too accommodating and they have taken advantage. Don't let them get away with it any longer. Good luck!
Is it WiFi only or LTE as well ?
cause it's from EE this is going to be a LTE model, takes a SIM. EE won't sell WiFi only tablets.