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S7 Plus 256gb 8gb ram - Germany to UK

(Topic created on: 03-09-2020 09:53 PM)

Hi All,


I am considering the S7 Plus but would like one with at least 256gb storage. I can order one from and get it shipped to the UK. However, I have seen a few comments in different places suggesting the device may have certain apps that cannot be changed from German to English. I have also seen some other people having issues adding UK credit cards onto non UK devices.


Does anyone have experience of ordering Samsung devices from a different region and is there any truth in what I have read?


It is so frustrating that Samsung have only released the base S7 plus model to the UK market!!!






I was considering this too, but am wary of such issues! Have you heard of anyone encountering these issues or is it just speculation at the moment  do you think?

In my experience there's alot of fear mongering that goes on with regard to using a European bought device in a different European country. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018 10.5 which was bought from Amazon Warehouse UK but which is an item designed for the Italian Market. On initial setup it wanted to default to the Italian language but I just set it to UK English instead and it set itself up as if it was entirely British. I have to say this MAY vary for other Samsung devices but I can only say in my case buying this version saved me alot of money and Ive not encountered a single problem as a result.

Some countries do have different WiFi/Cellular frequencies and in this regard motherboards/circuitry may vary slightly between the same model but from different countries. The most notable example is Samsungs use of different SOCs for Europe vs USA and South Korea in some recent high end devices (Samsungs own vs Qualcomm) but the differences aren't always that significant. The charger will also come with prongs to fit the 'local' mains wall sockets for the market it was intended for. In my case that wasn't a problem because I bought a 'pogo charger cradle'' for my Tab A and it came with a UK Mains charger so I'm now covered for UK use and if I go on holiday with it in a country that uses 'EU' style plugs - I just take whichever charger is needed for the country I'm going to. If there is a problem that you want to claim under the warranty, this may necessitate you doing it in the country of purchase but how likely is that to crop up?