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S6 Tablet - Screen Colours & White Balance

(Topic created on: 02-06-2020 10:48 PM)

I have recently got a Tab S6 & I'm also using a Note 10 phone but I'm thinking of getting rid of them both and reverting back to apple. Reason being, the white balance and colours on the samsung screens are a lot different to the ipad/iPhone, in a more unnatural way. I want to use the tab for photo editing, but when I transfer jpegs from my camera (fujifilm - shot in srgb) to the tab, the photos on the tab look completely different. The main differences is in the blues and whites, with the overall white balance/tint being off too. The only way I can get the colours anywhere near is by using visibility enhancement and using personalised colour wheel and then using an app called colour calibrator to put a little bit of red and blue back into the screen. Anyone have any way around this or know a better way to get more natural colours? Phone is not in vivid either, that's way too saturated for me.