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S-pen Translate function - no Greek translation service provided!

(Topic created on: 08-01-2021 02:53 PM)
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I tried using the S-pen's Translate service to translate words written in Greek, but have found that Greek translations are not offered!  Yet Greek, like Latin, is one of the foundations of so many European languages!  Not to forget that Greek culture and history is the basis of Western civilization.  

It is so important that Greek translations are provided, so when will Greek be included in S-pen's Translate service?

Meanwhile I am finding the S-pen really helpful while translating French and Italian texts. Thank you, Samsung. (Just hurry up with the Greek, please!)
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Agreed! There might not be a tonne of commerce from Greece itself but the immigrant decendant population from Greece is huge and global. These translation apps are so valuable for communication when visiting family etc, as well as making connections.

Hi Gents

Vas here as well , i have purchased a watch 4 and guess what i am having the same issues as well.


i have raised requested in chat help form samsung and they are closing the chat sessions with no reply they pretend to have closed the chat due to inactivity, we are talking that we have many incompetent cookies here that they are trying to play smart.


additionally in samsung member i ahve raised complaint ionto the foorums posting new posts and still they are telling me to file a report via samsung members, it is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE !!! other memebers tried ot help me out simulating the conditions both on the watch4 and s21 ultra samsung keyboard and they cannot understand since we do choose it why it doenst work, the final solution was to report the fault as a samsung moderator told me to do so in samsung member and noone seems to take creditability for any actions at all!!


as a ten yera customer to samsung i was expecting better treatment, even apple has support over the world,


Guess also what , when i told them about the watch brand new watch right, the samsug intelligent employee told me that it depends on the region where you buy the watch from and i have also an aussie model of an active 2 watch which does exaclty the same thing, i believe that the people assigne ot resolve issues are not well trainned cause that is region independent as every google phone, would have no reason why would samsung do that for.


but i have searched all the posts and i have replied to everyone, lets get together to raise a case and get our compnsation please.