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S Pen handwriting only partially recognised

(Topic created on: 12-09-2021 05:43 PM)
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I bought a Samsung S7 tablet this summer, and am trying to use it to create Microsoft Word documents

My first issue is that it does not recognise Word as an area where you can write text, as it recognises the browser address bar, for example. This would be fine, I would still be able to use the handwriting tab of the keyboard itself, but. The handwriting tab does not seem to recognise all letters? I was trying to write the name Miikka on mine. As soon as I lifted the pen from the glass after writing Mii, those letters vanished, never to appear as text. I could then write kka, which appeared as text. Upon further experimentation I was able to write an M separately, but as soon as I tried to write i, the text vanished in between me drawing the line and lifting the pen in order to add the dot on top.

This same thing does not happen in apps that allow writing straight into text boxes, only if I use the keyboard text recognition tab. Obviously this makes using Word with S pen all but impossible, since I need to use the keyboard to operate it. I was able to take down meeting notes with Samsung Notes, but that is less than optimal for cloud saving into word documents. Is there anything I can do to fix this, or am I only limited to using S Pen on text fields that allow direct input without keyboard?

The tablet has last installed a software update on the 4th of August, and all my apps are up to date.