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Non delivery of Pre-Order Tab S7+

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So who else hasn't received their new device from Samsung. I had a email on Wednesday stating I would receive my new Pre-ordered Tab S7+ on Thursday. This was actually a day earlier than I had asked for. Thursday came and went so though OK it will be delivered on Friday by 12pm which is what I had paid for in the first place. I looked on Dpd with my tracking number and they still hadn't received the parcel from Samsung. 

I phoned Samsung which took 3 hours to get through as twice the line was so bad as they are obviously working from home. 
Told it was a problem with the System and to expect it by Monday.... Really disappointed and don't hold out much hope of receiving it by Monday to be honest. 
same here with the note though. waited over an hour on phone to Samsung. was told to wait till Monday and thanks for my patience.
Yeah they told me the same. They did say they would send a £25 voucher that I actually received just now.
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