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Music Library on SM-T813 Tablet

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I'm in the process of switching over from the frustrations of Apple to using an S2 Tablet [SM-T813]. There appears to be some confusion within the Samsung support staff, and I would have thought my question would have been asked before.

I have a large Music Library and therefore purchased a 128Gb card last week when I purchased the Tablet. I have eliminated all the duplicate files in iTunes and now have the library on my PC [Windows 10]. I wish to transfer the library over to the SD card in the tablet and then use a suitable Music Player from that point.

From converstaions with Samsung support it appears that Smart Switch is not compatible and one member of staff suggested One Drive but even then could find a way to make it work - and even so - why should I pay for a service that I shouldn't require.

I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who has [a] come across this and [b] if so how did they solve this very annoying issue.

Thank you for reading this plea for help and I look forward to hearing from anyone. 


Hi @Northumbrian66


You should be able to transfer the data from your PC to The Tab S2 using Windows File Explorer. It would just be a case of dragging and dropping the files to the chosen storage location on the Tab S2, or copying and pasting the files if you're not wanting to remove them from your PC altogether. 


Hi Liam - thank you for responding. WIll have another attempt with this. In the meantime, I have fathomed out how to transfer Playlist over from iTunes - by prepending each track whist in the iTunes Playlist then copy & paste to a new folder on the PC Desktop.

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